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The Ultimate Guide to Hotel Landscape Design in Dubai 2023

Hotel Landscape Design-AL Khor Landscape Atelier

Hotel Landscape design is an important part of any hotel and Dubai is home to some of the most stunning hotels in the world.

Hotel guests are often attracted to a beautiful hotel landscape design that not only enhances their stay but also helps them disconnect from their busy lives. Dubai hotels have put this into practice, creating amazing outdoor living spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

Take a look at five of Dubai’s top hotels and their landscape designs. Each hotel has a unique hotel landscape design approach, from lush greenery and colorful flower beds to intimate outdoor seating areas and private patios with breathtaking views.

Read on to discover how these five Dubai hotels have created stunning outdoor oases fit for royalty – perfect places to relax and unwind on your next luxury getaway.

As Dubai continues to grow as a tourist destination, it is important to keep up with the latest trends in hotel landscape design. This guide will give you an overview of the current trends in hotel landscape design in Dubai and provide some tips on how to create a striking and welcoming design for your hotel.

Some of the current trends in hotel landscape design include: –

Creating an oasis: Dubai is known for its heat, so creating a space that feels like an oasis is essential. This can be done by incorporating elements like water features and greenery into the design.

– Going natural: Use natural materials like stone and wood to create a warm and inviting space.

– Making a statement: Use bold colors and patterns to create a design that will make your hotel stand out from the crowd.

Contemporary Desert Style: The Address Dubai Mall

If you’re looking to see modern yet traditional Arabian hotel landscape design in action, look no further than The Address Dubai Mall. This luxury hotel’s garden perfectly blends contemporary elements with its desert environment. From its modern courtyard featuring an intricately crafted stone wall and a pergola roof for shade, to its traditional Islamic garden with large palm trees and cascading vine-covered walls, this is an stunning example of hotel landscape design in Dubai.

The landscape designer of The Address Dubai Mall was sure to select plants native to the UAE, such as date palms and cacti, that could survive in the hot desert environment. The pool area features a bright and bold color palette of blue-green tiles surrounded by landscaping that combines deciduous trees for summer shade with native palms for light texture. These combined elements make this garden a perfect oasis in the desert.

Tropical Paradise: Jumeirah Zabeel Saray

The Jumeirah Zabeel Saray is a 5-star hotel landscape design located on the banks of the Arabian Gulf that boasts stunning gardens in an oasis of tropical paradise. The resort’s gardens are designed to resemble the gardens of an Ottoman palace, complete with palm trees, colorful flowers and lush grass.

The garden’s focal point is a grand reflecting pond at the far end where visitors can admire the reflection of the ocean against the gold-tiled walls and intricately decorated columns. In addition, visitors can also enjoy a scenic walk through trails surrounded by bougainvillea and jasmine flowers. The hotel landscape design also offers many activities such as boat rides, cooking classes and falconry sessions for its guests to enjoy in its lush garden.

Truly, this is a hotel that shows how Dubai continues to be an international leader in the hotel landscape design with its ability to combine luxury and nature into unique designs for new properties around the city.

Modern Minimalism: Palazzo Versace Dubai

Modern minimalism has been an emerging trend in hotel landscape design and luxurious Palazzo Versace Dubai is at the forefront with its striking gardens.

The gardens, situated within a lush oasis, feature a range of plant species that thrive in the desert climate. The delicate greenery of shrubs, plants and trees provides a contrast to the stark geometric lines and angular shapes of the hotel’s architecture. With its white stone pathways winding through the greenery, guests can explore and relax in this modern minimalist paradise.

Another feature of Palazzo Versace Dubai is its intricate water fountains, which bring a sense of tranquility and elegance to the space. The waterfalls cascade down into ponds surrounded by lush foliage. These features help to create an atmosphere of serenity which is perfect for visitors looking for a peaceful place to relax after exploring Dubai’s vibrant city life.

Cultural Fusion: Armani Hotel Dubai

The Armani Hotel Dubai is renowned for its Italian-inspired architecture and design elements that give it a sleek, modern vibe. But it’s the hotel landscape design that sets it apart from its contemporaries.

The hotel landscape design at the Armani Hotel Dubai is based on a cultural fusion concept, combining elements of both Asian and European architecture and garden styles. The lush gardens feature lush greenery, water features, seating areas, and pathways that guide visitors through the tranquil space.

The centerpiece of the Armani Hotel Dubai’s landscape is an artificial mountain made of natural rock with stairs leading to various hidden features like an open-air terrace. The main attraction is undoubtedly their Japanese garden featuring cobblestone paths, bonsai trees, mossy rocks—all paying homage to traditional Japanese garden design.

The Armani Hotel Dubai proves that modern hotel landscape design can be breathtakingly beautiful while still incorporating elements of both Eastern and Western cultures. It showcases how traditional gardens can be transformed into stunning modern oases when tastefully merged with contemporary designs.

Botanical Wonderland: Atlantis the Palm

Just a short drive away from the heart of Dubai’s shopping district sits the awe-inspiring Atlantis The Palm. Offering more than just a luxurious stay, this hotel brings opulent landscape design to its captivating gardens. Guests can wander through manicured pathways, discovering secret gardens, lagoons and cascading waterfalls. It is like walking through a botanical wonderland.

To create this unique atmosphere, Atlantis The Palm used a combination of hardscape materials, tropical plants and sophisticated lighting to transform its gardens into an unforgettable tropical paradise. The hotel features more than 30 types of palms, along with blooming shrubs and seasonal flowers that give the resort even more depth and character. A team of experienced landscapers has strategically placed each plant around the property to ensure they all get enough natural sunlight while creating an eye-catching display at all times of the year.

For added effect, LED lighting has been used to illuminate borders and walkways in the evening hours. This lighting allows guests to marvel at the beauty of their surroundings even in darkness. With no shortage of photogenic spots scattered around its grounds, Atlantis The Palm never fails to impress its visitors with breathtaking views.

Stunning Silver: Le Meridien Dubai & Conference Center

When it comes to stunning hotel landscape design, Le Meridien Dubai & Conference Center is one of the top hotels in Dubai. This 5-star property has a lush, landscaped garden with a variety of native trees and shrubs, along with fountains and water features that create a tranquil atmosphere. The hotel is also home to “Silver,” an iconic sculpture designed by artist Thomas Dambo that stands at 19 meters tall.

The hotel’s designers took special care to ensure that the sculpture would be visible from all points in the garden, and visitors can marvel at its impressive size while enjoying the greenery around them. The sculpture is made from stainless steel that has been hammered and welded together, creating a unique texture with an elegant sheen. With its combination of natural elements and stunning artwork, Le Meridien Dubai & Conference Center is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for inspiring landscape design.

In Dubai, luxury hotels are constantly vying for the attention of high-end guests. In order to stand out from the competition, many hotels are investing in cutting-edge landscape design.


From the oases at Jumeirah Al Naseem to the desert-inspired spaces at the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai’s chic hotels have put hotel landscape design trends under the spotlight. Visitors and locals alike are now accustomed to these outdoor spaces that offer a place to relax, meet, and even celebrate. Creating new designs have become one of the complex and challenging task in Dubai. Everyone is trying to provide the best facility to guests. The world-class restaurants, themed-gardens and organic elements that are now the staples of hotel landscape design, exemplify the city’s dedication to creating unique experiences for guests.

Designer like Al Khor Landscape Atelier has been challenged to use their creativity to create visually stunning and memorable gardens, effectively combining elements of both the local vegetation and architectural styles. The end result is a mix of colors, textures, and shapes that blend perfectly into Dubai’s urban landscape. As the city continues to develop and evolve, so too will the hotel landscape design trends that bring character and soul to Dubai’s best hotels.

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