Al Khor Landscape

Al Khor Landscape

Lol and people inquire as to the reasons I eliminated relationship Nigerian men a beneficial very long time back

Lol and people inquire as to the reasons I eliminated relationship Nigerian men a beneficial very long time back

idiot he s struggling with inferiority state-of-the-art , hes insulting themselves cos he originated in an effective nija woman, even his daugther will have nija blood fool

Someone excite give dude right here to your fake eye spot you to with no so named nigerian girls he is dissing openly exactly who knows him external naija

I can never ever recognize how somebody condemns an entire gender simply because of two bad enjoy to the opposite sex

There are various higher female on the market nevertheless guys choose to run immediately following breast and ass and people girls be aware that is what you are interested in. They therefore, deal with you. A well raised girl offers reassurance you wouldn’t like those of these.

This is certainly one thing Davido can’t ever do. Date there and rundown your? Here is what Fela sang on, apart from he was referring to the federal government calling a unique somebody useless, senseless and you can undisciplined publicly. How will you just go and feel abusing your? In the event it is a fact, societal perception was that which you therefore the around the world media commonly latch to your in order to his ignorant opinion. Haba! You to definitely was not ok with his media people have to alert him (which is in the event that he has adequate feel to possess a moderate team). I’m highly troubled within the your.

He even said all of the Nigerians is actually harmful

Some tips about what occurs when your pr**q deceives you for the convinced that the mind has become mature. He’ll regret so it declaration in the future. no matter what, don’t expose your in public.

Believe some one which have a fake eyepatch calling other people liars. I don’t fault your. Ruger prevent spoilage the children along with your pampered words and you will dirty films. Na the individuals wey your dey criticise na dem leave you well-known. Mumu ingrate.

Dubem Chiz from the 5 days before Unknown regarding the 5 days in the past Covik-19 on the 5 days ago Anonymous on 5 days back Private on 5 days before Realme on five days ago

I am sorry for your requirements absolutely nothing boy na thus people dey stop hmm industry dey begin oh letter you go been dey blame record label and you can loved ones. This might be completely absurd and you will illiteracy try manage your throat and you will mindset once you don’t have anything to say.

So it idiot! I neglected the newest section of his “oyinbo lady” otherwise that which was one to range from off his sounds? Today he is shown to be the average totally psychologically-enslaved Lagos boy that we thought him becoming. Black colored men, this is why you’ll continue to be towards the bottom off the commercial totem rod, and stay the brand new bitches regarding white guys. Continue devaluing your own, when you find yourself other races uplift their unique. Was just about it maybe not down below I simply left a comment away from our own maybe not placing all of us 1st around you to “outrage” medal-giving point into the Ireland? Black guys, you can easily permanently will still be the fresh sluts away from neighborhood

As i leftover which comment, I’d not noticed the new movies connected with they, and that i is actually curious me personally why I provided black colored men’s room love having something because far away out of black as you are able to, simply for for me personally to view the new films and discovered We is just right (We merely responded throughout the title as I remembered you to line in one away from his sounds). Naija feminine/ black feminine, we are able to really do something about this insanity. Stop Help RUGER and all of almost every other naija artisans/men one to monitor so it idiotic/low-iq-that have choices from appearing down on themselves (they’re very dumb, they don’t realise the country can see due to their mind-hate when they create including dumb utterances, and they’re checked-out such as clowns of the most other events). When they do not want to uplift town, we must struck them in which it hurts–its purse!

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