Al Khor Landscape

Al Khor Landscape

A lover of your own “Hymn in order to Freedom” from the Dionysios Solomos, he faithful numerous knowledge for the federal poet

A lover of your own “Hymn in order to Freedom” from the Dionysios Solomos, he faithful numerous knowledge for the federal poet

Brand new Church from Greece, through the Holy Synod, brand new holy towns and cities as well as organisations, provides contributed to new bicentenary of your 1821 Revolution that have educational meetings, workshops, e-books, speeches and lectures, student tournaments, radio shows or other incidents from the country.

One of several situations hosted because of the towns, the latest group of online lectures organised from the Holy City away from Zakynthos, together with the fresh Alithos center of your Parish of Vanato, stood out. On urging of urban, Dionysios IV, eight lectures were held out of . As mentioned about announcements of your own city, the goal of the fresh situations were to underline the special share of your own local chapel for the Greek freedom strive, in addition to so you’re able to light unfamiliar aspects of regional history by the highlighting individuals who played an important role on the revolution. The fresh lectures were went to from the common characters of your own regional clergy and you can neighborhood along with from the representatives of one’s Ecumenical Patriarchate.

And additionally mentioned was indeed the refugees regarding Epirus, silversmiths because of the profession, who were obligated to get sanctuary in the Zakynthos through the Ottoman rule, but gradually led to the economic development of brand new isle

The fresh new information had been varied. Yet others, the newest sum off monasteries toward trend try emphasised, as they was able the newest flames of your own revolution, awakened the latest downtrodden Greeks and you may was the newest easiest types of weblog as well as the security and you can proper care of the fresh new sick. The brand new monasteries was basically and additionally appointment metropolitan areas of your Greek revolutionaries and shared not just spiritually and also materially towards independence challenge. Mention has also been built to the key work regarding Dionysios Solomos out of Zakynthos and this new reflect that poems of one’s national poet must this very day regarding the souls of one’s Greeks. Hence, Panagiotis Kapodistrias, archpresbyter of Ecumenical Patriarchate, characterised Solomos in his lecture since the good “amazing firebrand”. Although not, besides Solomos, brand new show dealt with the life span and you can performs out-of almost every other essential characters out-of Zakynthos, like the Ecumenical Patriarch Grigorios V. New patriarch had become a beneficial monk regarding the Monastery regarding Strofades of Zakynthos, along with his honour the present day monks of the monastery honoured him due to the fact a beneficial holy hiero.

Brand new lecture subject areas along with incorporated the new martyrs exactly who positively participated from the trend and you can sacrificed by themselves because they would not move. Such as for example are this new 18-year-old new martyr Theofilos, to begin with from Zakynthos.

Some other lecture focused on the latest Church away from Agios Georgios of your Latinos family members because an important middle of Philiki Etaireia inside the Zakynthos. This new church try the fresh new sacred place where the people in the latest Philiki Etaireia was basically bound within the, get in touch with within fighters situated were made and you may ammo are obtained.

Special explore was made of the personal statues of Zakynthos, which can be characterised as the “arks” on maintenance regarding memories and you can national ideology. The past lecture of your collection is a little tribute so you can the job of the regional historian and you may copywriter Dinos Konomos (1918–1990), who were able to assemble “bits of thoughts” towards affairs of several local heroes regarding Zakynthos from inside the trend, thus causing the latest conservation of local history and you will recollections.

Regarding 1944 so you can 1992, he composed 66 independent performs, many of which described occurrences of one’s wave as well to what governmental history of Zakynthos of that period. He was is actually brand new originator and you will director of the journal Eptanisiaka Fylla, sixteen quantities at which have been had written within his life.

But not, apart from Solomos, Konomos faithful his education to some other higher character off Zakynthos: the historian, politician, lawyer and you may 1821 activist Georgios Tertsetis. A large part out of Tertsetis’ knowledge is forgotten from the great flame that broke call at Zakynthos during the August 1953 following the a beneficial catastrophic quake. Konomos managed to gather unpublished messages of your own higher politician and you can publish her or him inside a great consolidated data, and therefore remains an invaluable equipment to have researchers taking a look at the period out of the fresh new proclamation of one’s trend to the beginning of your first Greek condition.

Brand new rich layouts of your lectures organized by the City of Zakynthos supported so you’re able to illuminate the latest energetic part of your own churches and you may monasteries out of Zakynthos throughout the revolution as well as the step of your own priests therefore the The brand new Martyrs of one’s area. They also emphasized brand new share of Dinos Konomos on religious traditions of the island. Zakynthos don’t feel Ottoman rule; not the involvement throughout the endeavor is actually beneficial.

They managed the latest Philiki Etaireia while the some one it nurtured, such as for example Dionysios Solomos, Patriarch Grigorios V plus the refugees of Epirus, resulted in the economic and you can primarily to the spiritual growth of brand new area

Vasiliki Filiou, PhD applicant in progressive and you can contemporary records at Institution out of Record and you may Ethnology, Democritus College or university out-of Thrace

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